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Al-Quds University’s Institute of Modern Media, which is located both in al-Bireh/Ramallah and in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City, has the mission of inspiring professionalism, improving communication skills and promoting well-being throughout Palestine and beyond.  We are a dynamic and thriving institution and we take pride in combining the professional with the academic.  We educate 440 undergraduate media students through our BA program where they gain both practical and theoretical experience.  We bring daily issues of life in occupied Jerusalem into homes around the world via radio, print and video reports from our multi-media community news agency Our educational television station (AQTV) is the only politically independent TV station in Palestine.  It works closely with civil society as well as under the umbrella of Al-Quds University to produce a wide variety of programs.  It is dedicated to strengthening the educational, cultural and environmental well-being of all Palestinians, including the most neglected by putting special emphasis on children, youth, women and those with disabilities.  The IMM has partnerships with a number of international institutes and universities.  We are striving to impove the lives of all Palestinians through media.

Lucy Nusseibeh

Institute of Modern Media (IMM)


The Media Arm of Al Quds university

The Institute of Modern Media (IMM) was founded in 1996 in order to promote the rights-based development of Palestinian society. It is both a registered non-profit organization and the media arm of Al-Quds University.

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