The Media Studies Program offered at IMM through AQU currently is home to 440 students.  The aim of this program is to produce thoughtful, well-rounded media professionals who are versed in the technical, creative and practical aspects of media.

Our students spend their first 3 semesters at AQU’s Abu Dis campus taking a range of classes in the Arts and Sciences.  Their final 5 semesters are spent at IMM’s Ramallah/Al-Bireh base, located near all of Ramallah’s international press and media offices, where they focus exclusively on media studies.  By the time they graduate our students have amassed 132 hours of credit in media (most Universities require and provide only 120 hours).  At least 50% of their coursework is practical experience in media.

Our students choose their focus of professional concentration from four tracks:

  • Television (where they gain experience with AQTV and make use of our television and specialized sound studios)
  • Radio (where they participate in all aspects of programming for the newly established community radio station HonnaAlQuds)
  • Film (as part of a newly created program in conjunction with Antwerp University)
  • Print Journalism (where IMM’s location is of great assistance)
  • IMM’s students benefit from IMM’s collaborative relationships with media institutes, newspapers, television stations, NGOs and other universities throughout Palestine.

The IMM’s academic faculty consists of 12 full-time and XX part-time faculty members, who have demonstrated academic excellence and years of experience in their respective field of teaching.

Currently, the IMM educates approx. 500 undergraduate media students every year. Students complete 2 years of compulsory courses in media theory and media ethics, before choosing one of four tracks for their professional development: TV, Film, Writing or Radio.

Additionally, the IMM is currently in the process of developing minors in French and IT and two Master Programmes in Media Management and Media and IT.

Among other things, the IMM was the first institute in Palestine to develop a curriculum for investigative journalism funded by UNDEF, which was incorporated into its compulsory curriculum.

Institute of Modern Media (IMM)


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The Institute of Modern Media (IMM) was founded in 1996 in order to promote the rights-based development of Palestinian society. It is both a registered non-profit organization and the media arm of Al-Quds University.

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