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AQTV is an educational non-profit television station founded in 1996.  It is the only politically independent TV station in Palestine.  It is a local station committed to supporting education, civil society and Palestinian identity.  It seeks to support and advance the wellbeing of all Palestinians including those most often neglected: children, youth, women and the disabled by developing innovative programming to support, educate and raise awareness about these groups.  AQTV also broadcasts cultural and educational events from Al-Quds University.

AQTV both develops and produces its own television programs and works closely with other stations (local, national and international) to obtain and broadcast quality television programs.  AQTV also works for NGOs as a producer of socially constructive videos.

AQTV is a part of the HonaAlquds Multi-Media News Agency to which it contributes video.

Since its foundation AQTV has played an active role in strengthening the educational, cultural, social and environmental wellbeing of all Palestinians by addressing a variety of issues such as literacy, health care, social attitudes, environmental concerns and legal protection in an open and integrative manner. As a politically independent and non-profit institution that provides high quality educational programs to a growing audience in Palestine and Jordan, AQTV plays a unique and important role in the local context. AQTV’s innovative educational children programs, the most successful of which has been a local version of “Sesame Street”, have also gained international recognition and won several awards, including the 1998 Japanese Emperor Price and the 2004 Bronze Award from the Arab Television and Radio Festival. AQTV is a proud member of the Jossor network, a network of independent local TV and radio stations in Palestine.